SABH Foundation is committed to empowering South Asians and the mainstream community through our consultation model and case management services in navigating the complex US healthcare system, mental health, assisted living, and skilled nursing home placements for your loved ones.

At SABH Foundation, we strive to offer culturally competent and linguistically appropriate mental health and residential care consultation services to both South Asian individuals and the community at large, guided by the principles of prevention, continuity of care, and collaboration with those intimately inv9lved in our patients’ lives. SABH Foundation achieves this in two ways: educating the public on navigating outpatient and residential mental health services for families and individuals and engaging with stakeholders and public and private agencies involved in patient care to improve outcomes.

Additionally, In our commitment to promoting understanding and cultural competence, we organize a diverse range of workshops, talks, seminars, and conventions on the latest developments in evidence-based treatment modalities in mental health. We also explore wider social issues and how they intersect with mental health, such as how social media affects youth, adults, seniors, families, and communities at the local and global level. We also explore the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and how AI affects daily life, such as work, family dynamics, local communities, and society as a whole. We feel that AI is especially pertinent to our mission statement AI has the potential to perpetuate biases, and keeping up-to-date on technological advancements like AI helps us adapt our services and stay at the forefront of progressive mental health research. 

At SABH Foundation, we extend an open invitation to join us on this enriching journey towards improved mental well-being, knowledge-sharing, and a brighter, healthier future for all as we create a space where compassion, innovation, and inclusivity are the pillars of our collaborative efforts.

What We Do: